Easing UC Implementation Fears

Easing UC Implementation Fears

Today’s workforce is demanding enterprise mobility that makes workflows accessible in a familiar format. Businesses today looking to attract top talent need to do so with simplified interfaces that work in connection with mobile devices. Most businesses today need one infrastructure that everyone can use with all their different modalities.

But with the transition to a new Unified Communications (UC) solution, there may be some concern about the impact the transition will have. However, a carefully planned UC implementation process can virtually eliminate those fears.

Unified Communication Benefits

Cloud-based UC systems provide flexibility in communications. Team members are able to receive company calls, set up virtual conferences using basic internet connections, access corporate voicemail and use call forwarding to any device. Wherever team members are located, unified communication solutions makes employees more effective when communicating with other team players, clients and customers, as well as management.

Employees are empowered with an efficient flow of data, documents, files, and customer information, activities, and preferences right on their screens during a conversation. They are equipped to share, discuss in detail, revise, and implement business changes through audio, video conferencing, instant messaging, and even fax relay. On-screen file sharing is instant with UC conversations and off-site communications.

With a cloud-based VoIP system, your staff will know when to contact people (availability and presence), the history of a caller or customer and their preferences, as well as be able to schedule conference calls and video work sessions. These features will greatly reduce commuting time and expense.

Implementing UC

If your business has a qualified IT team in place, they need to develop a strategy to engage business users by helping them to understand their communications needs.

Before establishing a commitment to a specific technology or enterprise platform, get a demo or trial software copy for testing. UC technology developers are excited to have potential clients try out their solutions before investing in the technology. Be sure that the unified communications partner you choose is fully capable of installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting your particular UC enterprise communications package. UC solutions are a strategic advantage over your competition if you find solutions that match your corporate environment.

Finally, integrating your specific UC solutions requires implementation with awareness to nuance and configuration. Choose an installation partner with experience in your particular communications package, and insight into the selections you have made for your company.