Does More Technology Really Improve Business Productivity?

Does More Technology Really Improve Business Productivity?

For many business owners, and senior executives, the thought of embracing the latest business technology can be daunting for numerous reasons. Reason being, making a significant technology change can quickly impact how the entire organization gets work done – so it must be carefully executed. So, the first logical question posed is: will these investments truly improve team productivity?

The second consideration involves the financial expenditures needed to fund these changes effectively. In this type of situation, stakeholders need to feel comfortable with the cost and benefits as it relates to their ROI.

Technology Should Make Work Easier – Not Harder

It’s important for management to understand how investing in new technologies can not only improve ROI but also enhance the overall workplace environment and productivity. For example, having an employee utilizing numerous applications on different devices that aren’t synced with one another can cause that employee to spend more time trying to track down just to get one piece of information they need.

Cloud VoIP solutions are helping to solve these types of problems by providing access to big IT without the headache of setting it up internally. Many technology companies offer services that are already linked together with advanced productivity applications and tools. These services also come with additional security features and updates – another line item that can relieve concerns for top executives.

The New Standard For Business

In today’s competitive business environment, there’s a massive shift taking place toward cloud VoIP solutions. In fact, these technologies have emerged as the new standard for enterprise communication with firms ranging from Fortune 500 organizations to SMBs.

According to the 2015 State of the Cloud Report, 93% of responding businesses say they are currently adopting cloud technologies. Lagging behind the rest with these current technological advancements could ultimately cause communication and connectivity issues that are vital to the success of your business.

So, if you find yourself frequently visiting online message boards to identify the best way to troubleshoot your productivity apps, or you’ve become a slave to things like scanning and emailing documents, you are probably not using technology in a way that fosters today’s genuinely productive work environment. However, there are a wealth of tools and cloud applications available that can help you to cut down on distractions and increase your business productivity. Contact us today to find out how we can make the decision to move to cloud VoIP solutions a natural (and more productive) one for your business.