Leverage Data Solutions While Protecting Customer Information

Leverage Data Solutions While Protecting Customer Information

Data Protection Is Here To Stay

Big data is everywhere and it is important to protect your customer’s data. If you’re not using ambient data to market to your customers, you will be soon. Otherwise you risk falling behind their competition. While customers want relevant, personalized experiences when shopping for goods and services, they’re also nervous about what big data means.  Is your customer information safe?

Leveraging big data solutions can help you reach out to your customers and make meaningful connections with your best prospects.  In order to do so in a way that benefits your brand rather than harming it, you need to ensure that your customers’ information is secure. Read How to Get Started With Data Security.

Protect Customer Data

It is beneficial to business when data is used to enhance the customer experience.  But one data breach or successful cyber attack could send the company’s reputation down the drain.  Make a plan for how customer data will be handled and stored securely, not only to comply with industry regulations, but also to treat customers and their information in a respectful and ethical manner.

Systems should go through a thorough information security audit, and any points of weakness should be reinforced. Cyber attacks are evolving to target systems such as internet telephones and remote workspaces.  A solution that secures and stabilizes internet communications can help to safeguard your company and customers.

Make Customer Experiences Better

The term “big data” refers to data collected by anything in the so-called “internet of things”. This includes: phones, vehicles, cameras, computers, even home appliances. This data informs on how a consumer behaves, their interests and dislikes, their demographics, and more. From a marketing and sales standpoint, it’s frighteningly easy to see how this data could be abused.  Customers won’t recognize every instance of big data solutions being used, but they notice when it’s used poorly.

Have you ever searched for a product or service, then seen an ad for that product or service on a different website, at a different time? It may have reminded you: find a good dry cleaner nearby, or buy a toy for your niece’s birthday. But it also may have surprised, or even startled you. Data solutions should be felt, not seen. If your use of big data is apparent to your customers, it could damage their trust. Instead of using data to attempt to thrust a sale upon a customer, it should instead be used to make their experience working with your company better.

The ability to leverage customer data is increasingly becoming necessary to compete in today’s market, but access to the depth and breadth of information that big data offers requires care and responsibility on the part of the company. Retaining the trust of your customers while offering them personalized and welcoming experiences is only going to become more important as data solutions become more common. InSpeed can help you optimize and secure your cloud-based applications such as VoIP, UC, and more. Download our whitepaper to learn more: