Connecting Your Workforce Through UCaaS

Connecting Your Workforce Through UCaaS

Maintaining clear communication is a top priority in your organization. Accordingly, you and your colleagues have decided to look into UCaaS to see how it might benefit your team, help you work more effectively together, and communicate with other parties, such as customers, vendors, and partners.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a phone system that uses Voice over Internet Protocol to provide a cloud-based phone system for businesses.

While the idea of unified communications has been part of corporate culture for some time now, it is becoming more accessible when combined with the as-a-service model, as noted in a report from UC Today. It explained that UCaaS includes not only voice communications but also audio and video conferencing and messaging.

A significant distinction between standard unified communications and UCaaS is that your UCaaS solution is hosted by your cloud services provider instead of your servers.

Another benefit is that you can anticipate spending less on communications going forward. Nextiva stated that organizations save as much as 65% if they switch to cloud-based services for their unified communications.

What’s more, you won’t have to pay separately for integrated services such as audio conferencing, SMS messaging, internal team messaging apps, online meeting software, or even help desk tickets.

The following is an overview of the services a UCaaS solution provides:

Voice & Telephony

Breakdowns in communication are bad for any business, with UC Today pointing out that the economy loses approximately $37 billion annually due to downed communications and a $42.6 million loss in productivity. Therefore, managers guiding their teams to work together more effectively will opt for a UCaaS solution to better use voice and telephony services.

UCaaS enables higher quality voice calls, which you need for clarity, and gives you an option to record calls for future reference. With artificial intelligence allowing your system to listen to the callers’ voices to analyze their sentiment, employees can engage more effectively with each person they speak to.

AI in UCaaS also allows for what’s known as intelligent call routing to connect people to whatever phone an employee is currently using. When a worker is away from the desk, the UCaaS automatically transfers the call to a cell phone.

Meeting Solutions

With more individuals working from home for social distancing requirements during the pandemic, holding online meetings becomes all the more crucial for organizations large and small. Workers no longer need to be in the same geographic location when your UCaaS solution connects them safely and securely over the internet.

A UCaaS deployment helps you conveniently set up meetings, whether by audio or with video and web components. It’s a trivial matter for a conference participant to log in with a web browser and join the conference.

During these online meetings, you can lead conversations just as easily as if everyone were in the same physical meeting space. Thanks to built-in collaboration features, you can share files and run presentations using a tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone, whichever is more convenient.

Email and Instant Messaging

Emails don’t have to be confined to bare text communications. A UCaaS setup allows you to unify email and voicemail.

For example, workers can arrange to have all voicemails transcribed and then sent automatically to their email inbox. Alternatively, they could choose to have the voice recording sent by email without a transcription. Instant messaging, email, and voicemail become a unified communications setup.

Communications-enabled Applications

A whole new world of possibilities opens up when you set up a cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service solution. You will enjoy integrated contact centers, which are more useful because people can communicate in their preferred channel, whether voice, SMS text messaging, or a video call requesting information.

Enabling a communications platform as a service gives you the flexibility of cloud computing for your workers and customers no matter where they happen to be on the planet at any given moment.

Deploying UCaaS in Your Business

UCaaS is an ideal solution from a hardware standpoint since you do not need to purchase additional Voice over Internet Protocol equipment for your workers. They will use the same devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers) as your customers, vendors, and clients are using.

Emphasizing clear communication and making it easier for your team to share information and collaborate will help your organization do more with fewer resources, thanks to the efficiencies of UCaaS. It helps with internal communications and communicating with the outside world, including customers, vendors, partners, journalists, potential investors, and even new employees.