Business VoIP Solutions: How Does VoIP Work Internationally?

Business VoIP Solutions: How Does VoIP Work Internationally?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) can be particularly useful for making international calls because this technology utilizes the Internet instead of the regular Public Switched Telephone Network. The mechanism behind an international VoIP line requires the same dialing format as you’d find on a landline phone. You’ll need the international dialing prefix, country code, area code, and the local number.

What’s the use of Switching to VoIP Calling Services?

As far as making international calls are concerned, the biggest benefit an individual or an enterprise may get is cost savings. While many factors contribute to cheaper pricing, VoIP is cheaper most commonly due to the technology itself or the increasingly competitive nature of the market.

International calls made using this technology can go as cheap as two cents per minute in particular countries. But, another great benefit of VoIP is the fact that an individual or an organization can choose to purchase a phone number in a country different than their origin.

The calling plans are either pay-as-you-go or subscription-based with attractive rates according to countries. You should choose the plan that would best fit your organization depending on the estimated frequency rate of the calls and a plan that would give you the best value for your money.

Why Should Businesses Adopt VoIP for International Calls?

Consumer VoIP is meant for the masses and often comes with limited features that are just not enough for a full-fledged company. By going for hosted VoIP, an organization can save significant amounts in the following ways:

  • Many business packages offer unlimited local calls with the payment of a fixed monthly price. These prices tend to be much lower than the amount charged by regular phone operators.
  • Plus, some service providers also offer comparably lower cost rates in business/premium packages to satisfy the requirements of a full-scale organization.
  • Calls within the organization premises are usually free of charge, meaning the employees can communicate with each other whenever they need.
  • International calls are cheaper if over the Internet rather than the standard PSTN circuits.
  • There is no reason to agree to maintenance or service contracts as there is no requirement for the business to host, repair, or replace any equipment. VoIP providers take care of all the details.


Mechanism Behind VoIP Technology

VoIP allows communication through data and voice on a single network, significantly decreasing the costs related to infrastructure. These devices have a straightforward and intuitive interface that allows the user to make quick configuration changes without any complexities. Dual-mode enabled phones allow the users to shift between a cellular line to an internal WiFi network seamlessly. This eliminates the need to carry around a cell phone as well as a desktop.

You can make any international VoIP call either through a standard telephone device connected to a VoIP router or by using a headset microphone through your computer. VoIP for businesses is booming.