Are Smart Devices Changing How We Communicate?

Are Smart Devices Changing How We Communicate?

As connected devices permeate practically all aspects of our society, are we communicating differently? From voice commands to new technologies, the presence of IoT devices is changing things in the tech and business industries: the only question is, how?

It’s not surprising to hear that by 2020, there will be tens of billions of data-spouting devices connected to the Internet. Many people believe IoT devices make us more efficient in our daily lives, while others feel they create barriers to communication. Here are a few areas you can expect to see impacted by the rapid adoption of smart devices.


Traditional Media vs. New Media

One of the biggest changes is location. In the past, traditional media like TV, print, and radio were key components for reaching audiences. Now, the prime location has moved to digital platforms. Web-based and mobile apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are taking over. Consumers are shifting to these social platforms when they want breaking news, and 26 percent of them are accessing it through smartphones.

Today, more than ever, business need digital, cloud-based communication. Companies can no longer rely on traditional methods and assume that their employees are as okay with the status quo as they are. Business communications need to take advantage of the technology revolution.


Options for Communication

Before smart devices, communication was limited to a few channels. Orchestrating meetings with team members or clients was difficult, and the technology that was available was less than reliable.

These days smart devices offer businesses countless ways to always stay connected. Collaboration tools like cloud-based unified communications have made it easier to communicate with people in your office or who work remotely. Group members can save and revisit each other’s work from their smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop, which helps facilitate communication and collaboration towards a common goal.


How We Communicate

With the introduction of smart devices, our communication style has changed. Texting has been a huge influence on our language. We like using more shortcuts, symbols, and abbreviations that get the point across with fewer characters. Although texting is a big part of the change, it’s not the only reason. Social media apps also encourage a compressed communication style. Popular platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn have character limits in place which prevent you from writing long posts. Many people feel our on-screen habits have prompted the change in communication.

IoT devices have made their mark in each industry. While they make connecting faster, easier, and more effective, these changes have wide-reaching implications that impact how we do business and more. As the trend for smart devices continues, we can expect more of an impact on how we communicate.