1. When you tell me that ShoreTel has reached the end-of-life, what does that really mean?

Mitel acquired ShoreTel in 2017. The Connect platform changed in brand name only. The ShoreTel technology underpins the Mitel Connect platform, which is now called Mitel MiVoice Connect. Mitel announced the end-of-life of the ShoreTel 14.2 software and all previous software releases. And, while ShoreTel 14.2 will still be supported through December 2019, all future bug fixes will be rolled into Connect releases. Support for software updates/bug fixes will no longer be provided for ShoreTel 14.2 beginning 2020.


  1. What are the requirements for us to upgrade to Connect?

While there are not many “requirements” for upgrading to Connect, there are some infrastructure requirements that should be noted:

    • Must be on ShoreTel version 14.x
    • If you are using Enterprise Contact Center, you will need the 8.x or 9.x versions to upgrade to Connect Contact Center
    • Mobility needs to be on 8.x
    • 64bit Windows is required
    • VMWare ESXi 6 or 6.5 is needed if you are looking to utilize any of the virtual switches and appliances
    • 30 GB HDD available is a minimum


  1. Will we be able to use the same desktop handsets?

All handsets continue to be supported on Connect Premise. Only the 400 series handsets are supported on the Connect Cloud. With Connect, the EdgeGateway will replace the VPN Concentrator. The phones from the VPN concentrator will not work with the EdgeGateway.  Only the 400 series phones work with the EdgeGateway.


  1. Are there any free perks with the migration to Connect?

When migrating to Connect from 14.2 there is a free license upgrade to Essentials Bundle for All Extension & Mailbox licenses. With Connect you also have access to extra features such as:

    • EdgeGateway – The ability to have remote users connect their Connect Client and/or 400 series phones without the need for VPN.
    • Connect for Mobile
    • Connect Telephony for Microsoft (Skype for Business integration)
    • Connect for Chrome
    • Web/App Dialer
    • Softphone
    • Video License
    • Google Chrome Extension


  1. Are there new licensing bundles associated with Connect?

All ShoreTel models have been bundled into the Connect licensing based upon 5 bundled licenses:

    • Courtesy
    • Telephony
    • Essentials
    • Standard
    • Advanced


The good news is that you will have the ability to upgrade every license type except Courtesy. If you want to talk more about licensing options, please contact your account executive.


  1. Will the new Connect Client be hard to learn?

While different than the existing client on 14.2, the Connect client offers a more modern user interface that has been well received in the market. Simplicity and ease of use is the hallmark of Connect. In addition, Mitel has invested large amounts of R&D dollars to ensure their platform continues to be best in class. Continued learning and training for Connect is available through built-in links to the latest Connect Client User Guide and Training videos.


  1. What is involved in this migration as far as downtime and cost?

Depending on the size and sophistication of your system, downtime for a migration to Connect is estimated to be between 2-6 hours. Costs will vary for this migration based on the size of your organization. Server and OS costs are not included. Any onsite training for your end users would also be an additional cost.


In summary, your investment is sound. Now is the time to begin planning your upgrade, and we are eager to begin our proven process with you.

If you have further questions, please give us a call at 616-249-9599.