A Day in The Life of a WFH Senior Technology Consultant

day in the life of a senior tech consultant

A Day in The Life of a WFH Senior Technology Consultant

As the world has changed, readjusted, and begun a return to “the new normal”, Millennia has also been getting used to different things. Whether at home or in the office, our culture and company values have stayed the same. Our Senior Technology Consultant, Jeff, sat down for an interview to talk about how his life has been working from home.

How Do You Begin the Day?

My day hasn’t changed too much since COVID started. I start with email follow ups and any meeting follow ups that weren’t completed from the day before. I put together my daily plan and send out any upcoming meeting reminders for the day. As the day goes on, I work on targeted lists, usually from digital means like text, email, or LinkedIn. I go to my meetings, and attend vendor webinars or other educational sessions, and send out my follow ups before the day ends.

What is Your Favorite Morning Beverage?

Coffee with cream. I need it to function, even before I bring my son to school. And I don’t like travel containers so I always use an open container (which then spills all over the car).

What Does a Typical Work From Home Day Look Like?

I mentioned my typical schedule earlier, but I will try to go out to a library or coffee shop to work for a few hours during the day. I couldn’t during COVID’s peak when everything was closed, but I’ve been enjoying doing that now.

Do You Take Any Breaks?

The coffee shop or library is usually my “break”, but I’ll also go out to get some fresh air and get outside. I go for a short jog or small walk, but nothing too strenuous!

Favorite Part of Working From Home?

I feel very productive at home, there’s a discipline associated with it that I like. I worked from home in the past when my kids were younger, and that wasn’t so easy, but now that they’ve grown it’s a lot simpler to be disciplined. Of course, summer is a little different…

It’s also nice to be on a team where we are all accountable to ourselves and each other. It’s good to be noticed, but you need to do your job even when nobody else knows you’re doing it. It’s about putting words to action in production, and you can see it in the results.

What’s the Biggest Challenge of Working From Home?

I don’t get on the phone to make prospecting calls as often when at home, and it’s hard not seeing people and work peers, although it is easier with video calls than it has been in the past. And of course, the snacking.

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working for Millennia?

We are given the tools, flexibility, and team to be successful. And I get to be both the quarterback and the coach in the job by designing the plays and getting them started, then letting the team take it from there. It’s not fun to win by yourself, you need to win with others.