5 Tips to Help Improve IT Department Productivity

5 Tips to Help Improve IT Department Productivity

The task list of most IT departments is usually quite lengthy, from performing system updates, managing equipment, connections and information, it can feel like a non-stop job. Because of this, many IT Directors and CIOs are trying to find ways to help their staff increase their productivity levels while not overworking or micromanaging their teams at the same time.

If you are hoping to increase both employee morale and IT department productivity, consider these productivity tips:

Tip #1 Set Goals and Let Go

Encourage your teams to collaborate and document their goals for the year or the quarter, then allow them to divide and manage the workload. Highlight the strategic goals of the projects so the department feels engaged and motivated to accomplish them. This will also ensure the team understands who’s carrying responsibility for certain aspects of the project. Try not to micromanage the environments either, as that often discourages employees and hinders their ability to provide quality results.

Tip #2 Provide the Necessary Tools

The best IT department is only as good as the resources they have to use each day. It’s the responsibility of the organization to ensure their staff has the most secure and intuitive solutions that help improve productivity, eliminate unnecessary manual hours as well as accurately identify network problems. Today’s technical landscape requires the implement of a mobile workforce where the IT staff can securely access and manage systems from anywhere.

Tip #3 Communicate

I know, communication is always blamed as the problem, right? However, moving to a more mobile and independent workforce can also create some possible communication lapses. Most people would say in-person communication still serves as a very valuable resource when it’s possible. To encourage this, hold regularly meetings to “regroup” and ensure everyone is working toward the same vision and goals.

Tip #4 Institute “Distraction Free” Times

Make a company-wide block of time where no one is permitted to schedule meetings and where all instant messaging tools are turned off. Encourage the time to be used on projects that need dedicated and uninterrupted attention. Also ensuring the the right technology is being utilized will increase company moral ten-fold.

Tip #5 Provide Opportunities for Development

Encouraging employees to take on a new challenge or responsibility can drastically increase their performance. Publicly recognizing employees who have succeeded with those responsibilities helps serve as motivation for others to do the same.

It’s important to resist the temptation to encourage longer hours and pack more into the department’s calendar. Typically, this type of productivity increase comes with other, unfortunate results like lower employee morale and high employee turnover. Improving productivity happens when you work smarter, not harder.