5 Reasons Why a Switch to the Cloud Should Begin with Your Phone System

5 Reasons Why a Switch to the Cloud Should Begin with Your Phone System

As an increasing number of businesses are now adopting cloud-based solutions, not being able to do the same may give you the feeling of being left out. Apart from the obvious advantages that a cloud-hosted platform brings to business operations, this solution is also very cost effective, given the right vendor.

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of the transition of your services to cloud, then it may be helpful to concentrate on one service at a time. Integrating your phone system would be a great way to begin as this segment of business operations is deemed to be relatively simple.

Still need more reasons as to why the switch to the cloud should start with the phone system? Keep on reading to find out.

5 Reasons Why a Switch to the Cloud Should Begin with Your Phone System


1. IT can build internal support for cloud

One of the primary advantages of the cloud-based phone system is that it can be deployed in a controlled manner. This means you get full control of choosing how many employees or workgroups take the benefits of this deployment. As a result, you can put the new phone system to test incrementally before planning for a major scale rollout.

This practice will allow the IT system to work around potential hiccups that may hinder the full-time deployment. Additionally, your employees will also have a good experience with the final rollout and more willing to embrace cloud-based applications in their daily operations.

2. Enhanced flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of cloud phone system is that you have the liberty to hand over the day-to-day maintenance tasks to the vendor. Vendors like Mitel Cloud Services can take over the responsibility of maintaining a vast majority of operational tasks to give you free time to concentrate on more important projects.

The possibilities are endless when you and your employees have more time left from not doing routine jobs that do not add to the growth of your organization.

3. Reduces IT costs

There are not a whole lot of IT departments that do not struggle with maintaining their expenses. A cloud phone solution like something offered by Mitel Cloud Services is available as a subscription service that lowers capital expenditures as it does not heavily rely on new hardware.

Moreover, you don’t even need to install and maintain equipment and applications on a regular basis. Over time, the savings from lower operational costs will add up and be a boon to your business in many ways. After all, money opens up options that you never knew existed.

4. Benefits of Mitel Connect

Coming as a revolutionary business phone system, Mitel Connect is an intuitive and user-friendly platform that promises to do it all. With Connect, you get the ability to choose between on-site, cloud and hybrid cloud deployment options. Get tons of applications to help your business operations like, having your conversations go from an IM, to a call, to an online meeting, to a web desktop share with or without video – with the single click of a button.

Mitel Cloud Services make it very easy to integrate your phone system and improve every sphere of operations related to communication.

5. Improved scalability

After having closed the gap between technical innovation and ease of deployment, cloud phone system aims to integrate the most popular applications into a single, scalable solution. This brilliant technology gives your business tremendous flexibility to utilize cloud-based services as much or as little as you want, thus saving money and lots of effort in the process.

This unified communication service will serve as a one-stop solution to all your organization’s telephony needs.