5 Reasons Financial Institutions Can Benefit From Unified Communications

how financial institutions benefit from unified communications

5 Reasons Financial Institutions Can Benefit From Unified Communications

When it comes to banking, customers want nothing but the best from their community bank. With e-commerce transactions and mobile banking more popular than ever, customers expect top-notch service when they do go into a bank. Customers want speed, accuracy, and ease when solving their problems, which is why it has become even more important today for banks to have the best unified communications services.

Having the right phone system minimizes the chances of jeopardizing valuable customer relationships, and it also ensures that your bank employees are able to excel in their services in every possible way.

What are Unified Communications Services?

Let it be clear that unified communications are much more than just IP telephony—it is a sophisticated and robust information center that brings together phone, voice messages, and email services to provide optimal efficiency on all fronts.

At Millennia, we have the technology and expertise to equip your bank’s communication system with features that are a cut above the ordinary. This is why many community banks have put their faith in our phone system to help them achieve their goals. When we work with financial institutions on their unified communications solutions, these are the features we find they need for efficiency.

Essential Features that Every Bank’s Phone System Must Have

1. Easy deployment & scaling

Our distributed architecture follows a simple plug and play system that makes it easy to implement on our solid-state voice switches or on your servers in the form of virtualization. This allows for faster deployment, simplified management, and easy scaling so that your bank’s phone system never falls short of living up to your organization’s goals.

2. Productivity boosting tools

When it comes to productivity tools, very few companies can aim to beat what we provide. Now, our unified communications services will let you reap the benefits of instant messaging, conference calling, multichannel email, chat, phone, fax, and other communication integrations through a single enterprise contact center.

With these features, productivity and efficiency gains become a part of the regular work culture.

3. Integrated business intelligence

Mitel integrations with advanced CRM, call accounting, and ERP applications amplify business processes by giving service reps and tellers quick access to account history and transaction information.

4. Unmatched multisite experience

It doesn’t matter how you prefer to use the equipment scattered around different locations. The system administrators will manage your entire communication services via a standard browser-based interface to roll out updates and new technology that easily integrates with your pre-existing telephony services.

5. Top-notch availability

Millennia ensures that its unified communications solution is rock-solid in terms of reliability, which is why it functions on the basis of distributing intelligence throughout the entire system. While our cloud service continuity is guaranteed, you also get a phone system that never loses its dial tone.

We like to stay ahead of the game and want the same for our clients. So, when you count on our services, we make sure your business remains online and connected 24/7.

Get Started with Unified Communications Today

Whether you decide to go for hosted or on-premise IP phone solution, Millennia will help you by providing outstanding customer sales and service. This will bring down maintenance expenses and boost communications performance to keep your bank’s operations and client services in perfect harmony.

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