2016 Predictions for the Telecommunications Industry

2016 Predictions for the Telecommunications Industry

Believe it or not, we are about to embark on the last month of 2015. It’s the time when we begin to look ahead and determine the changes and shifts we will need to make within our businesses for the next year. In the world of telecommunications, the changes that take place within our industry are vast and fast-moving. At Millennia Technologies, we enjoy keeping up-to-date on the latest in wireless solutions within the telecommunications industry, so we know how to shift and adapt our business to them.  Because of this, we thought we’d share some of the trends and predictions our industry will likely begin to see in 2016:

More Mobile Than Ever

As if we thought the telecommunications industry couldn’t get any more mobile, it appears there is still some room for improvement. It’s predicted that into 2016, we will see continued expansion of applications and tools that allow us to interact with each other even more effectively through our mobile devices, home-based electronics, and even with our automotive tools. Many are calling this idea “the digital mesh.” And although many wireless solutions are now ultimately connected to the back-end applications through a variety of networks, as 2016 goes on we should begin to see more connectivity models as well as enhanced cooperation between devices.

Smart Machines

Machines will be made more intelligent because they will be programmed to understand current concepts as well as how to learn new ones.  With these types of machine advancements, businesses will need to identify what information will provide the most value to their organization, as well as how to access that data from each source. Then, they must find out to create and use the algorithms to create and launch new business designs.

Improved System Architecture

With the advancement of mobile and smart machine technologies, the architecture of systems continues to create new demands and requirements. Improved systems will come from what’s known as neuromorphic architectures. These systems will function like the human brain and will be customized to create advanced learning for complex algorithms.

Enhanced Security Controls

With the growth of the digital world and these new algorithm-based systems, not to mention the security threats and hacks that loom over all businesses today, the liability for security violations is increasing.  IT professionals will be focusing on detecting and responding to any potential threats faster than ever, as well as implementing more efficient blocking measures.


Here at Millennia Technologies, we strive to continuously evolve with the emerging changes and trends of the telecommunications industry. If you are interested in deploying new solutions to ensure your organization is adapting to the new trends and opportunities that 2016 will provide, give us a call today.